Concept Urbain - Fabricant de mobilier urbain – Street furniture manufacturer

Custom Made

From prototype models through to a complete product range, via the completion of an installation analysis for the development of specific furniture which is adapted to the specifications of each client, Concept Urbain delivers tailor-made solutions for urban facilities. For the delivery of innovative facilities which are consistent with their site of installation, our design office allows each project to be addressed from various angles: functional, urban design, technical, social, ergonomic.

Our design office manages the various stages of a project, from the technology watch phase through to deployment : design, conception, technical development, planning, mechanical strength calculation, generation of 3D output, project management and support. As the design phase needs to be accompanied by an expert grasp of deployment and materials, our design office is supported by a high-performance industrial facility : metalwork & fittings workshop? machining booth, storage zone, surface treatment & finishing workshop, assembly and packaging workshop.