Concept Urbain - Fabricant de mobilier urbain – Street furniture manufacturer

Concept Urbain
and the city

For 30 years, Concept Urbain has been supporting change in the city environment. Street furniture is a key indicator of this urban quality. Associated with the development of open public spaces, street furniture has a functional, as well as a human purpose. Street furniture contributes to the creation of a sense of place and connection, as a vehicle for values of sharing and user-friendliness. The development of the city need to take account of new parameters: mobility, accessibility, sustainable development, local identity… By definition, these issues will involve a rethinking of practices and a change to the responses adopted. The pursuit of proximity by city-dwellers is accompanied by an increasingly extensive demand for virtual connections with Smart phones, portable computers or net books. And while the urban space constitutes a physical reality, it is nevertheless required to accommodate and integrate this new dimension. The urban space has become both a living environment and a place of transit. Accessibility, whether physical or virtual, is an indispensable and emergent requirement of increasing complexity. In functional terms, the development of new forms of mobility (tramway, bicycle and self-drive car schemes) has reshaped both the appearance and the functions of the city. In combination with omnipresent technology, street furniture provides both structure and support for these new functions, increasingly confirming its multi-purpose and intelligent capabilities.